Mulch Shoot

Mulch Shoot

Shoot at every flying mulch and get a high score to access a special level
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Mulch Shoot is about a friendly spider carrying a huge gunshot whose mission is to have fun and enhance his accuracy by shooting at mulch pigeons.
On the right of the screen you will notice a red lever, pull it in order to release the mulch and begin the shooting. The mulch will fly very slowly and close at first, but as you advance in the game the speed and distance will increase, making it much more difficult to accomplish your goal.

You have very limited ammo, so be careful every time you shoot. Each level is simple and despite the fact that in every single level you have to do exactly the same task, it ensures a lot of fun.

A secret bonus level exists in the game, and will be unlocked only if you play nicely and you achieve a great score. Put all your efforts to shoot accurately to gain access to this special level.

The graphics in the game are very simple, not too flashy and perfectly colorful. Mulch Shoot will teach you to aim properly to make sure you don't miss not even one mulch.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Entertaining and relaxing
  • Teaches concentration


  • Really boring in about 30 minutes. It's good for kids, but isn't as good if you're looking for strong entertainment and action
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